Why Hire a Web Design Company to Create an eCommerce Site?

By: Chad Bell
Well….its basic economics. You know, the comparative advantage theory? Actually, unless you have taken an economics class you probably are not familiar with the concept. I know a lot of potential customers that contact me do not consider this basic principal when they are shopping around for an eCommerce web designer. Just in the last month I have had many telephone conversations with individuals and companies that are looking for someone to clean up the mess that they have created trying to create a website, or eCommerce website in house, or on their own.

Now, the resources these individuals and companies spent on trying to create a site should have been spent doing whatever it is that they do best, presumably what they are in business to do. Instead they insisted on doing it themselves because they bulked at the $2500 -$10,000 price tag they were quoted by a web design company. The hidden cost here, what so many people fail to see, is the opportunity cost. Or, the money you lose by not focusing on what you do best. So, if you are debating whether or not to hire a company to create your website, ask yourself how much is it really going to cost you to go the do-it-yourself route, be careful, you don’t want to spend a dollar to save a dime.