How Often Should You Update Your Website Design

San Francisco is the tech capital of the world. For that reason, website developers take from Tokyo to New York to everywhere in between take their cues from the trends set from the world central hubs for all things related to technology and development. Unfortunately, a website is not exactly like a piece of art. Even if it is perfectly crafted, it’s essential for you to constantly be updating it. This doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of work, it just means putting in the right amount of upkeep in the right places.


Why Updates are Important

You might not ever notice, however, on apps like Facebook and Google, web developers behind the scene make constant updates that help improve the platform’s interface. There are also design cues that help guide the design of the website for the future. In larger websites which integrate these platforms, developers model their sites accordingly, to match any future updates, making things run smoother.


How Often?

When is a good time to update your design? Remember that your website needs SEO for search engines. Search engine optimization, or SEO, determines page ranking based on various factors like user relevancy and content, for major search engines like Google. Updating the layout of your designs helps Google determine how well it ranks. Updating your site every 2 to 3 months can really help you in terms of SEO and user-friendliness.


What about the Blog?

These days, every website must have a blog. It seems unusual because why would you as a carpet-cleaning company really need to have a blog. But once again, Google and other search engines base their rankings off of content. It automatically detects websites with a lot of activity. The top-ranked sites and social media platforms don’t have content that comes out daily or weekly, but sometimes even hourly. Of course, you don’t have to compete with them but you want to shoot for a minimum of at least one blog per week.


Additional Easy Updates

Besides blog content which can take a little bit of time per week, the easiest way for you to update your design is through current events and specials. Updating is as easy as creating a monthly special offering a discount for a particular month. Just be sure to remove it once the time has elapsed. Likewise, you can post current events your company may be hosting such as a local meet & greet or if you are going to present at an upcoming expo or public gathering.


Go With a Minimalist Approach

If you to any San Francisco website agency, this is the first thing they’ll advise you is to have a minimalist design. Modern web design is based around this principle and this is a great thing for you. This means you don’t have to worry about block chunks of text and other tricky issues, just shoot for powerful images and bold statements that show what makes your company special.


Getting the Right Web Design

When it comes to how often you should update your website design, the simple answer is the more the better. But you break this down into very manageable parts. Begin with, easy specials and other event pages that take only minutes to create. Then dedicate one hour per week to the blog. Finally, once every few months do a minor overhaul to make sure you are keeping in line with the latest design trends. We know that keeping up with all this can be difficult, so be sure to contact us to request a quote to see how we can help you improve your online platform to give your business the visibility it deserves!