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Must Have Chrome Extensions for SEO

Chrome Extensions for SEO are tools to rapidly access important information at a glance. Behind the scenes, most of those appendages also offer more comprehensive content and analytics.

Chrome Extensions for SEO help you get a website on the first page and stay there.

How to Install Chrome Extensions for SEO

1. Go to Chrome Web Store and find the extension you want to install

2. Click “Add to Chrome” and allow access by clicking “add Extension”

3. The extension icon appears on the far right of the toolbar.

Over a hundred Chrome Extensions for SEO are available, but few stay on top of the pack.

1. SEOquake

SEOquake offers several layers of features so you can optimize your work on different levels of depth.

Like most Chrome Extensions for SEO, SEOquake displays a quick summary of parameters for each listed page, including backlinks, ranking and overall performance.

The dashboard gives more details and information for each tab field.

SEOquake chrome extensions for seo

This recap takes you to thorough audits so you can precisely pinpoint action needs from keyword density to Url size.

The main benefit of SEOquake is that you can choose how you obtain information: instant look for a quick performance check,  more detailed overview or  comprehensive analysis with fix tips.

2. SEO Site Tools

This Chrome extension for SEO provides all relevant information pertaining to SEO: rank statistics, geolocation, site (including shares on major social media) and SEO tools.

SEO Site Tools’ format is a collection of snapshots presented in a clear and simple visual, so results are never polluted by irrelevant data.

Among those great features, one stands out: the site traffic graph shows the activity in terms of daily reach, unique visitors, or search visits. This tool is particularly interesting to evaluate seasonality peaks, or correlate traffic with events.

SEO Site Tools chrome extensions for seo

3. WooRank

If you need to dive deep into analysis, woorank is the Chrome extension for SEO you are looking for. It provides exhaustive resources about visitors, social monitoring, mobile friendliness, site content, keywords and security.
This extension is geared towards Web developers and digital marketing professionals and anyone looking for perfection in content and execution.

This Chrome Extension for SEO is the ultimate toolbox.
Woorank reviews your website in depth so you can fix weaknesses.
It addresses technology issues for website speed and usability optimization.

woorank chrome extensions for seo

The major quality of woorank is combining the features otherwise available from different sources, saving you time and surfing manipulations.
Some features can be unlocked through monthly subscription, but there is still plenty to work with. Woorank offers a free trial in case you need to unleash more power.

4. MozBar

The simple aspect of this Chrome extension for SEO is deceptive.
MozBar supplies you with a large cocktail of functionalities with the ease of use of a toolbar. From searches customized by geolocation or search engine to previews and validation of authorship, MozBar covers the work of even demanding web professionals. SEO and social metrics are readily available for a quick view.
When you’re not working on your own site (or your clients’), you can analyze any site and get a picture of your competition’s results and ranking.

mozbar chrome extensions for seo

Mozbar is a helpful extension for digital marketers to compare link metrics. Also, and this is one of its best benefits, it gives you the opportunity to analyze the phrases and terms most commonly used as anchor terms both at page and domain level.

5. Check My Links

Having your page on top of a search list is nothing if your content is deficient. Check My Links comes with no data report bells and whistles other than parsing all links and checking for validity, highlighting in green the links that passed the test and in red the links that are broken. For the sake of accuracy, the program allows you to add Urls to an exclusion list.

Check My Links is decidedly an extension to install if you are dealing with large amounts of pages containing links and references. You can quickly see what link is broken and access the list of errors and warnings. If everything is okayed, you don’t have to manually verify each link.

check my links chrome extensions for seo

In the digital world where competition is fierce and SEO is paramount, we would use all the tools we can get to become better: daily tasks simplified, information at our fingertips for competitive edge. Those 5 Chrome Extensions for SEO deliver on speed, variety of functions and user friendliness.