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eMarketer estimates by 2017, eCommerce sales in the U.S will reach $440 billion with mCommerce (Mobile eCommerce) accounting for 100 billion of that estimate. As annual sales for eCommerce grow each year so does competition for those dollars. Without a comprehensive SEO eCommerce strategy and campaign it is almost impossible to compete in today’s eCommerce market. Moreover, without a mobile strategy, there is slim chance to reach the $41 billion being spent via mobile devices and tablets.

The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?
– Aaron Wall –

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We analyze relevant keyword data based on search volume, website relevancy and competitive level. We then use this valuable information to create targeted copy based on the functional and design elements of each page. But search engines are not just interested in back links, website content and keywords. The search bots also crawl through front-end code structure to obtain data for ranking algorithms. To create fully optimized websites, we also utilize the appropriate HTML tags for title, description, headers, images, alt tags and links on each page. Even the most basic website has hundreds of elements that need to be optimized.

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SEO content writing is becoming one of the most coveted skills. Why? Today, buyers prefer search engines over other, more traditional outlets, to help them identify the products and services they want. Directing customers to sites, therefore, requires quality SEO content writing.

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