SEO?…I So Don’t Know What that Means

I have quickly learned through experience as a newly hired intern, that SEO’s are a crucial part when it comes to internet marketing.  However, not having any idea what it was didn’t help. The first couple of questions that came to mind were: What is an SEO? What does it do? And why is it important? The exploration of these questions triggered a curiosity that most people only get when they are kids. But I didn’t care; I was ready to know the answers.
What is an SEO? The correct term for SEO is actually Search Engine Optimization. By using a search engine optimization the websites that are created are able to become further evident to the general public.
What does an SEO do? It can in most cases increase the amount of traffic that the website receives at any given moment.  Besides the websites that pay for internet marketing to show up on search result on search engines such as google or yahoo the website would then become naturally one of the first un-paid website to show up on the search.  All in all the idea behind putting a SEO’s on your webpage is to create more activity on your page, and in the long-run have a greater opportunity to increase: sales, marketing, job opportunities, or clientele.
Why are SEO’s important? The importance of an SEO is imbedded when it can change the way you do business all together. Internet marketing has become widely competitive, and having the proper SEO’s could always be beneficial to any website.
Curiosity might have killed the cat, but as for me, curiosity was another answered question.