Client Expectations and Google AdWords

By: Chad Bell
Having worked with clients to manage their AdWords campaigns, I have discovered a common theme. They don’t have clear goals for their advertising campaign. Everyone wants to join the AdWords gold rush, but very few people know what to expect. I asked a client, “What do you want to achieve through AdWords?” He responded, “I want to make more money!” Well, we all want to make more money but there are steps that we need to take before revenues start to increase and a good starting point is to increase traffic to your website. AdWords, as with any form of advertising, is a way to introduce your business to potential customers and get them to walk through the door of your company, in this case, your website. So, the firstgoal of a new AdWords campaign should simply be to increase traffic to your site in the most cost effective way possible. This is where the value in hiring someone to manage your advertising comes in. Most people don’t have the time or resources to monitor the effectiveness of the ad campaign, let alone make the necessary changes to address inefficiencies.