Changes to Web Design for 2018

It’s not true that the restless nature of web developers keeps them changing, changing things. We have to chase Google’s emerging algorithms, and there is wonderful new technology that helps our websites outshine others.  San Francisco web development is shadowing these ideas excitingly. So what will web design 2018 look like, and where will it change first?

Content Will Still Be King, but Web Design 2018 Is Ringing Changes

Web design 2018 will continue to create the framework, and attend to meta coding behind the scenes. It will also take care of scaling so responsive websites look good on all screen sizes. However, the words and images the artists on the web create will make the biggest difference. This is where Google evaluates our websites for ranking, and where we persuade visitors to enter the marketing funnel.

-The rules are changing for images fast. When a visitor sees an acknowledgment link to a stock photo (we have to do this) they think these people look as mean as … (we have to be polite) … so their products are likely to be … too.

It is the time we leave the old familiar stock sources behind and started using original images we copyright. Sure, this is going to cost more money, but at least we don’t run the risk of a Getty Images demand letter dropping into our mailbox with threats to sue us in court. We cannot take this risk for our clients.

-Plagiarizing is invoking harsher remedies on Google. Blacklisting is harder to reverse. We can no longer afford to pass off someone else’s work as our own. Note that ‘work’ includes ‘ideas’. If you landed on this page with a view to pinching mine, don’t say I did not warn.

Google is now officially favoring webpages, and technical posts longer than 1,000 words. This puts some critical content ‘below the scroll bar’, about as a big a hassle as folding newspapers over, while catching up on Sunday news in bed. By 2018, you are going to need innovative user interfaces, and exceptional professional writers to keep your readers on your pages.

-The overall visual effect will continue to be a key factor for as far forward as I can see. We access the web through our eyes, although we do respond with our fingers and listen to sounds. Generation Z particularly is fed up with the same porridge for breakfast and the same sludge on their screens.

If you do not want them to blow you away, then you are going to have to immerse them in full-screen videos, make better use of colors, and remove Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial from your list of fonts you once paid serious money for, if you are Generation X and owned a Commodore or an Apple II.

And Now For The Biggest Trend in Web Design 2018

Generation Z (whatever comes next) has gone off traditions such as we drive gas automobiles, and that’s how web design works. The new normal is there are no more rules. Did you get it? NO MORE RULES ONLY INSPIRATIONS. The new normal in web design 2018 will involve enhanced collaboration with our clients, and better interfaces between the designers, and the artists of the web.