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Free Cloud Hosting with Amazon (AWS) Free Tier

Amazon Web Services Free Tier Hosting Besides leaving packages at our front door, Amazon runs a massive cloud computing operation branded as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Many companies, e.g., Amazon’s store, Netflix, Reddit, Pinterest, etc., use AWS to back their systems. Even some federal US government agencies employ AWS: NASA and the CIA. As an […]

Top Web Design Trends to Adopt in 2015

At the time of writing this, the web is almost 24 years old . From what started as a strange science project has grown into a media consumption and human expression engine like the world has never seen before. The internet is a constantly evolving machine that has reached roughly 40% of the world and […]

Set your WordPress Data Free (WP Rest API)

The Future of WordPress WordPress is a great piece of software that has grown way beyond its meager blogging roots. But the future of WordPress might be as a set of components that allow you to pick and choose what you need from it. With the recent 1.1 version release of the new WP REST API […]

We Preprocess our CSS with Sass and So Should You

What is Sass? Sass is a CSS preprocessor. It greatly expands on the capabilities of vanilla CSS, allowing us to use features that aren’t going to make it into the CSS spec anytime soon. The best part is, we don’t have to wait. We can use these features today, because Sass is processed and output […]