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Most Used Programming Languages

The best way to reach new clients and keep repeat customers is to build your website and maintain it regularly. Communication must always be open, and customers should receive responses to their questions in a timely manner. Furthermore, products and services should have detailed descriptions, be updated often, and revised as needed. It is vital […]

How to Optimize an Infographic for Search Engines

Did you know that infographics allow you to take, what could end up boring, mindless content, and convert it to something easy to read? We all love eye-catching visual screen work but tend to shy away from huge chunks of text that burden our brains and put our eyes in sleep mode. The result for […]

The Difference between http and https – Why Is It Important?

With no time to waste, we will start this article with the essentials because this is going to be vital evidence in this argument. Have we grabbed your interest? We hope so, and we hope you read further. First up, what do “http” and its sibling “https” stand for? Naming Difference Between http and https […]

How a 404 Page Can Hurt Your SEO

We have all experienced them when browsing or searching, but do 404 – “four-oh-four” in geek speak – affect SEO? It all depends on the 404 message returned, but most of these categories do not directly influence SEO. One thing all 404’s share in common however, is their ability to frustrate and permanently turn away […]

Project Questions a Web Designer Should Ask You

Creating a website can be nerve wracking. You know how important your web presence is to attract customers and convert sales but with so many theories out there about what is “the best process” can become confusing and downright intimidating. Choosing the right web designer is a critical first step. Not all are created equally. […]

Decision Time: Web Designer vs. Website Builder

The World Wide Web continues to expand exponentially. This opens an interesting debate that focuses on choosing between a professional web designer vs. website builder. The key difference between the two is a website designer builds from scratch. In contrast, a website builder provides ‘canned’, customizable solutions. The Great Debate – Web Designer vs. Website […]

3 Decades of Evolution of Web Design

What do the Internet – also called the World Wide Web – and Baby Boomers have in common? Some older readers may say ‘not an awful lot’, thanks to resistance-to-change labeling, but they would be wrong. Come join us and find out more, as we celebrate over three decades of the evolution of web design. […]