4 Step Web to Lead Form Integration for Your WordPress Website

Zen-Den-Web-Design-San-Francisco-Web-to-Lead-IntegrationWeb to Lead Form Integration is an important component of a website design and build project. We’ll assume that you have the perfect mix of modern design, responsiveness, professionally written copy and optimized user experience. Next, you need a convenient way to collect leads in a CRM so you can organize, prioritize and schedule follow-ups with these potential customers.

At Zen Den we have found the most qualified leads come through a web to lead form and not from phone calls or emails. Potential customers that take the time to complete a form and answer a few simple questions like budget and project description tend to be further along in the purchase process.

So if you are looking to build a web to lead form for your WordPress website without writing a single line of code then here are 4 easy steps.

At Zen Den Web Design we have been using Zoho for our CRM needs for years. There are plenty of other apps out there but we chose Zoho based on ease of use and price. It is also not bloated with features that we will never use or need. We upgraded from the free version in order to get some tracking features and still only pay $15/month.

1. Sign up for Zoho. We recommend the free version to see if it meets your needs. If not there are paid options for just about everything you will need.

2. Navigate to ‘Set Up’ in your account and choose Website Integration >>>> Web Forms.

Zen-Den-Web-Design-Zoho-Form-Builder3. Start building your form with the easy form builder.
– We have found a strong correlation between the number of fields required and the amount of spam we get through our Request a Quote form. No surprise, the fewer the fields the more spam. When we integrated a more thorough form the quality of our leads increased. Some of our clients are reluctant to include more fields in fear of turning off potential leads. Obviously you will need to find the right formula for your business.


4. Generate your form and embed it into the appropriate page of your website. We use WordPress and have had no issues simply copying and pasting directly into the page editor.Zen-Den-Web-Design-Zoho-WordPress-Integration

That’s it! Within minutes of a completed form you will receive an email notification with the details. You can even configure an auto responder so your potential clients receive an email with something like, “Thanks for contacting us. A member of our sales team will be in touch to schedule a phone call to discuss your project.”

The lead will auto populate in your leads so you can schedule follow ups, take notes and even assign the lead to different members of your sales team.Zen-Den-Web-Design-Zoho-Web-to-Lead-Interface

The proper web to lead integration for your website automates one more process in your sales cycle and can make your business run more efficiently. No more managing your leads in your email client or spreadsheet.