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3 Questions About SEO Services You Need to Ask


Questions About SEO?

A lot of Americans dream of opening their own company one day, and being the boss certainly has its advantages. However, starting a business is incredibly risky. Most people wait until they’re fairly secure financially to open up shop, but by that point, they have usually started a family and have several mouths to feed—making the endeavor even more precarious.

If you have decided to take the entrepreneurial leap, clever marketing tactics and prime search-engine optimization SEO services are two great ways to ensure the success of your business

1. Is it Better to Have One Website or One For Each Location?

This really depends on the size of the business and the marketing budget. An article regarding SEO in the Huffington Post reminds readers that the choice is going to determine the best approach to take and the SEO services needed to execute it. For example, having more than one website essentially means the sites will be competing against one another, and owners will need to keep track of keywords for each individual site.

Having more than one site really only makes sense for business with just a few locations. In general, though, it also means extra marketing expenses. Larger business typically have just one site for maximum SEO coverage, as well as streamlined efficiency in regard to branding and consistency.

2. Should a Location Page Be Included in the Website Design?

Customers certainly appreciate visiting a location page of a franchise so they can see the specifics at the store near them. Google recommends having a location page, as well; however, this means slightly more work in order to ensure Google indexes the page properly on its search-result listings. SEO services that specialize in website design can help business owners get the most out of their websites.

3. Has the Traffic Been Fairly Steady in the Past?

If someone has performed SEO for a business incorrectly in the past, it can do lasting damage to the current site. When purchasing a business, it’s important to examine the site’s past traffic history, as well as any prior SEO work. An article in SearchEngineLand encourages business owners perform a simple SEO audit and check their sites’ traffic regularly and determine if it’s increasing, decreasing or remaining static, as well as to explore what the top organic keywords appear to be.

Starting a small business can be incredibly overwhelming at times. New owners have enough to think about without worrying about SEO. However, in today’s online marketplace if your are not investing in SEO you risk being buried alive in the SERP’s by all the competition online.