Why Website Maintenance is Critical for Your SEO

Unfortunately, your website updates are never over. It’s always a work in progress. Even if you have spent countless hours on website creation, for SEO purposes, you still need to do frequent website maintenance. This is because Google rewards a higher PageRank position to sites with fresh content, fast loading speeds, and no errors. Don’t worry; website maintenance doesn’t have to be a complicated task. All you need to do is spend a couple of hours a week, which will go a long way in ensuring that your site gets the visibility it deserves.


1. It’s All About Speed

Google’s most important concern is speed. The faster a website loads, the higher it will be in the PageRank standings. Speed has been and will continue to be one of the most critical determining characteristics of Google’s algorithm. It’s also something that users care a lot about as well, and slow loading times will have your customers looking elsewhere for a product or service. You need to stay on top of the system and network updates to ensure that your website is running as fast as possible. You can also check out Google’s Page Speed Insights which can give you clues as to where your site may be running slowly.


2. Preventing Hacks and Security Breaches

Each day thousands of websites are hacked. To avoid this, you’ll need a frequent plugin and CMS updates. If Google sees a security flaw on your website, it will not only lower your ranking; it will often actively prevent users from going to that site to protect users computers and sensitive information. PageRank is also based on popularity so you can see how this can become a vicious cycle that hurts your ranking.  


3. Crawl Errors and Broken Links

Websites quickly grow over time and become reasonably intricate networks. Google likes to see stable organization and interconnection in websites. When a crawl error occurs, it shows a flaw in site navigation which detracts from the user experience. So you need to do website maintenance to ensure that all your links are navigable. This even includes external links which may have changed addresses or be no longer accessible.


website maintenance


4. Creating a Responsive Design

At the end of the day, Google SEO metrics are examining how well a specific website functions for its user bases. For that purpose, it is scanning for other relevant information from things like images and Alt text along with a responsive website design that feels integrated and smooth. The best way to think of PageRank is like an agglomeration of all your users into one. If it is happy, you can guarantee that your userbase will be satisfied as well.  


The Importance of Routine Website Maintenance

Website maintenance takes many different forms. It begins with plug-in updates, addressing broken links and creating new, fresh content on your platform. Contact us today to see how we can help you with everything from WordPress design to website management services. Ultimately, our experts can help you create a streamlined and useful website to improve your PageRank listing and user experience so that you can reach a bigger audience and see the higher conversion rates you’ve been looking for.