company should be using wordpress

5 Reasons Your Company Should Be Using WordPress

Branding is a vital component of your business. Your customers know what to expect when they make a purchase, and your brand provides that assurance. A good brand delivers quality and consistency, both of which help acquire and keep customers for the long haul.

One of the most effective ways to spread your brand is by building a presence online. Open source platforms such as WordPress are perfect for any new or existing business to expand upon its mission and product and service offerings, as well as to improve its search engine optimization. There’s nothing wrong with feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do when it comes to building your brand, though, which is why professional content writing and digital design prove invaluable.

If you want to attract new customers and keep the ones you have, leverage great content writing and WordPress to maximize not only your Internet marketing campaign, but also the value of your brand.

1. WordPress Is Free

Though premium themes and plugin options do come with a price tag, the WordPress platform is free, making it a viable option for businesses of all sizes. It also provides you a chance to test drive the platform and its many features before deciding on the path you ultimately want to take.

2. It’s Fully Customizable

Mashable uses WordPress as its back end CMS. It was originally built on a WordPress theme and was later highly customized with a Ruby on Rails (ROR) front end to suit the needs of Mashable. The point is WordPress is a highly customizable CMS and can grow to fit your company’s needs over the long run.

3. It’s Open Source

Open source simply means the technology that WordPress relies on is transparent, making it easier for developers to update and improve upon it. This means people around the world can develop their own themes and sell them to businesses looking to stand out among competitors.

4. It Can Fill a Number of Needs

You might associate WordPress as a blogging platform, but it has become a powerful content management system used to power some of the web’s best websites. According to, WordPress has a 54% market share of all websites that use a CMS. Because it allows businesses to satisfy a number of needs in a single place, Content Management, SEO, Landing Pages, Blogging, Advertising, it’s a powerful tool in an integrated marketing campaign.

5. It’s Optimized for SEO

Perhaps most importantly, the WordPress platform possesses powerful SEO potential. There are many useful SEO plugins available, configured and used correctly they can accelerate an SEO campaign. The greatest website would be useless if no one could find it, but SEO ensures customers will be able to find your business when they search the Web for the products and services you offer.

Running a company is challenging enough, and nobody wants the added stress of running a website too. Due to the prevalence of WordPress there are many freelancers and full service digital design agencies that can manage the design, content and marketing of your site.

There’s a long list of benefits for hiring a qualified digital design agency to produce and optimize content for your website. Besides optimizing the copy’s readability, experienced digital marketers understand SEO best practices, keyword research and topic development. Both your business and your customers will benefit from a website comprising well-written, informative content.