Social Network Website for Customer and Employee Portals

Social Network Websites

Social networking online has become a crucial part of life and has helped many companies grow. Small Businesses have a lot to gain by integrating social network features into their general web presence. Combining services and products with various social networking features creates the ability to connect with consumers directly. It’s about more than being able to communicate news and updates directly to a customer base in an instant; if there’s an issue, businesses have the ability to fix problems personally and as quickly as possible. It also gives consumers a chance to talk to each other. Giving an extremely valuable understanding of what customers like and don’t like.

Businesses can leverage their website to create opportunities to spread their brand and products, to better connect with their target audience, and get to know customers and community members on a more personal level.

Features & Benefits of a Social Network Website include:

Members and Friendship Capabilities:
– Users become members and can friend other members, follow friends activity feeds, message each other privately, and participate in group discussions.

– Create a custom profile template for members displaying their profile picture, friendships, groups, and any custom profile fields needed for members.

– Members will have the ability to create public, private and hidden groups that others can join and follow. These groups also have their own set of moderators and administrators.

Activity Streams:
– Like capabilities, and status updates which can be seen and followed by all other members. Just like Facebook!

– Each user can have their own blog, contributing content to your website community and search engine optimization for your business.

Adding social networking features to a company website is a great solution for building an online community, while enabling people with similar interests to connect and communicate. Some fantastic uses of these features include:

A Campus Wide Network for Universities, Schools or Colleges.
– Classes can connect Teachers and Students, post events, upload downloadable files, and have online discussions.

Internal Company Communication.
– Employees and affiliates can have their own profiles, set goals, rewards, store locations and communicate directly.

A Focused Network for New Products.
– Have customers blog, post and review your products while they use them. Upload photos and comments to be shared within your own community.

A Social Network for a Specific Interest Topic.
– Create specific interest groups and forums for members of similar interest to connect and share ideas.

There are many more features and advantages when it comes to incorporating a social network into a company’s web presence. We are here to provide the tools and integration serious businesses need to help start a company or customer portal community.