Simplified Web Design and Increased Conversion Rates for eCommerce

Some Simple Design Recommendation for eCommerce Websites

Regardless of your website’s overall purpose or message, everyone has the same end goal… Conversion. When it comes to websites, conversion means turning clicks into customers. Whether that means sales, memberships, or calls, the higher your conversion rate, the more successful your eCommerce website becomes.

Too Many Choices

If you currently have an active website, take a moment to count the number of choices on your home page. Is it clear where you want your audience to go? The last thing you want to do is paralyze your audience with too many choices. Countless studies have shown that too many choices leads to no choice at all. The rule of three states, things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things. Retailers apply this concept to move their most profitable products faster. For example, if you are selling memberships limit the choice to three, Not enough features, Too expensive, and Just right. Remember to ensure that you have tailored your Just right option to be your most profitable.

Clear Calls to Action eCommerce

Clear Calls to Action

A call to action is what drives your conversion. Buy Now, Sign up, Book Now, are all clear, urgent messages that guide your audience to convert.
You want this message to be not only as visible as possible, but urgent as well. You should never assume that your visitor will come back, so converting that visit is essential. Just like any other sale, once a customer leaves the chances of them coming back decreases by the minute.

Maximizing Conversion

Again, a clear-guided message on your home page is essential, but all of your other pages need to have the same impact and urgency as well. You cannot assume that your visitors will return to your home page. From a design standpoint, your call to action should be one of the biggest, brightest, easiest elements to find on the page. Another tactic would be to put an expiration date on offers to create urgency. For example, Apply by March 1st and get 10% off, this naturally creates a sense of loss if the user is interested in your product or service to begin with.

Goal Conversion eCommerce