Project Questions a Web Designer Should Ask You

Creating a website can be nerve wracking. You know how important your web presence is to attract customers and convert sales but with so many theories out there about what is “the best process” can become confusing and downright intimidating. Choosing the right web designer is a critical first step. Not all are created equally.

A Great Web Designer Creates a Site About You and Your Business

When searching for the right web design for your business, take time to interview several firms to see who is the best fit for your needs. Your site needs to represent you, your business, and your products. A quality web designer knows this and will take the time to find out who you are and what you need before getting started. Project questions should not be only about visual appeal. A great designer finds out more by asking the following:

Who is Your Ideal Customer?

It is nice if you like the way your site looks, find it funny, or appreciate the dramatic images, but to be honest, your opinion is not what this is about. It is about the customer’s immediate first impression. Studies show that you have less than a second to make an impression when a new set of eyes lands on your page. In order to connect with viewers your web designer needs to know your audience. Many businesses create a buyer persona, profile, or customer avatar, to represent their ideal customer. This is your primary target and your site needs to be pointed directly at them.

Can You Describe Your Brand?

It is not enough to name your business, find a logo, and say you have a brand. Brands and brand identity is about so much more. Every business has a story. A rich history of growth, failure, and triumph. Properly branded products connect with consumers on an emotional level and become ingrained in a customer’s way of life. You sell a lifestyle. You are a trusted solution to a scary problem. You can be trusted. Your brand conveys all of this and more. Your website needs to match your brand and your designer needs to understand who you are. Otherwise, you are destined for generic-ville, and no one wants to live there.

What is Your Current SEO Strategy and is it Effective?

A brilliant website design with no SEO is like a painting masterpiece hidden in an attic. It is beautiful but no one can see it. Websites need to be seen to work. Your web designer should understand your SEO strategy and the web design should complement and reinforce your presence. Or, take you in a new direction with a focused and researched approach. The best SEO is fully integrated into your site, with every element working to gain you exposure and make your customers find you when they have a problem you can solve.

Although there are many creative designers available who can occasionally produce stunning visual designs on the internet, few are capable of combining this talent with tested marketing concepts to create a website that engages and converts visitors. Those who can integrate these two skills are worth their weight in gold. The next time you need a web designer, make sure they are asking the right questions. See if they want to know more about you and your business, understand your customers, and help you sell. If not, find someone who does.

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