5 Latest Website Trends and Advancement in Digital Marketing

With 2018 already in full swing, now is a good time to consider digital marketing developments in terms of the latest website trends. Certainly, 2018 promises plenty of new experiences, with the development of technologies such as machine learning, virtual reality, and voice all very much in evidence in website designs. Please read on, as we look at some of the latest website features that came in with 2018.

1) Better Animation 

Advancements in technology mean that popular web browsers can handle animations much better. Animations used to be flashy and irritating, not to mention distracting. Already with us, 2018 ushers in a new era of subtle and useful animation in latest website trends.
Expect to see scroll-triggered animations and even animated logos as one of the latest website trends. The scroll-triggered animation is in vogue and as it does not need huge chunks of data to download to the device or browser.
Used creatively, scroll-triggered animations not only appear intriguing to the viewer, it helps show off your service or product. Moreover, when properly structured, coded, and applied to the design of your website, it helps your branding and gives your company the edge over competitors. Visitors stay longer to watch the display, and that’s great for SEO too.

2) Variable Fonts 

Variable fonts are going to make a big debut in 2018 in terms of latest website trends. New variable fonts are a new font format offering unprecedented flexibility, which enables web developers to tailor character width for the many different screen sizes and multiple languages. Certainly, one to watch with latest website trends in mind.

3) Latest Website Trends in Virtual Reality Video Space

Last year, we witnessed greater activity in virtual reality video on websites. We also saw a rise in services and apps that make video creation easier. This year will see virtual reality video take website development to new heights. Visualize 360-degree videos and interactive video creation.

4) Artificial Intelligence 

Chatbots and voice user interfaces – also called conversational UIs – were among the latest website trends in 2017 and are certain to have even bigger changes to web design in 2018. While it is true that in terms of latest website trends, many chatbots and UIs are not yet AI based, this is a logical progression in the near future.

5) IoT in the Latest Website Trends

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term used for enabling technology to connect apps and devices to the internet. Websites will certainly be using IoT technology. You can expect to see IoT interfaces on websites that allow you to interact with smart devices. A smarter website means a more complex backend, but a perceptive web developer will get you connected and create an interface that is straightforward to use. All aboard the Internet of Things!
Not quite “Breaking news”, but there is much going in website developments, and latest website trends will continue to evolve and change the way we use the internet. Effective SEO and different types of backlinks in website creation and maintenance are going to remain significant.