How to Stand Out: Homepage Web Design Tips

How many websites are currently offered to the world? Millions? Billions? It’s probably near impossible to track down and count every single website ever created. Not to mention, who has that kind of time? However, the overall point is simple: There is a never-ending supply of websites available to consumers. Where does your site rank in the mix?

In order to beat the competition, you will need to stand out from the competition. Specifically, that means you need to have a stellar homepage. After all, it’s the page users visit the most, and you want to ensure that they stick around for a while.

Homepage Web Design Tips

As with most factors in life, first impressions are key. We rarely get a second chance; therefore, it’s imperative to make your first chance count! Start with a design that offers a clear and valuable headline. Heading tags are also crucial to SEO, so you really can’t afford to neglect them.

Though new visitors to your site will most likely know what you have to offer (whether it’s a product or service), it’s still important to list exactly why your website has been created. Specifically, choose a design for your homepage that will clearly and simply state your site’s purpose within five seconds. No fluff!

Sub-headlines are just as important as headlines. While a headline is intended to grab the visitor’s attention, a sub-header will keep them on your page. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a web design that accents this information. Unsure about what a sub-headline should offer? It should be a brief (yes, brief) description of your product or service. Don’t use filler words, and don’t just talk about yourself or company. Let people know why you exist, and, more importantly, why they should choose you.

Today, calls-to-action are extremely important. While you never want to force someone into making a decision, a little push is sometimes needed. It’s perfectly acceptable to use your words to try and get a consumer to react. Does your homepage design support your call-to-action? The CTA should be visible, precise, and stationed towards the bottom of the page.
Images are important. However, too much of a good thing can immediately turn into a bad thing. Don’t overwhelm your visitors, because they’ll leave and never come back. Choose a web design that allows you to provide subtle images, or a background canvas that is noticeable, but not too over the top. After all, images are great, but content is still king. Take a look at your chosen design. Is all of your content visible?

The Best for Last

It can’t be said enough: Visitors don’t want to be confused, or feel intimidated by your site. The most important factor to consider when choosing a homepage web design is navigation. If you want people to stay on your site and fully explore it, then the navigation tools must be user-friendly.

Designed to Succeed

You may have the best product or service in the entire world, and offered at an amazing rate. However, if your homepage web design is lacking, then you’re going to struggle finding consumers. No matter what industry you’re in, you are already well aware of the fact that competition is huge. Brand yourself a winner with a design that succeeds.

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