The Perfect Bounce Rate Formula: 5 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Conversions

Improve Your Website Conversions

Website traffic is one of the top goals of every website on the planet. That goes all the way from CNN to Facebook to your own site. The problem is that as a business you can have all the traffic you can possibly imagine, but without conversion, it doesn’t mean a thing. This is what experts refer to as a bounce rate or the number of users who move away from a website after only viewing a page. Instead, what you are looking for is conversion. You want to keep your users on the site longer so that you are more likely to sell your product or service. With our bounce rate formula, you’ll have the best five ways to increase your website’s conversion rates and get the results you are looking for.


1) Improve Your Content

With a lot of SEO content, it is pretty cookie cutter. No matter the topic, it all seems like the same piece of writing. Worse than that content creators get lazy and their writing is filled with all kinds spelling and grammar mistakes. It doesn’t have to be a masterful prose, but make it interesting and make it scannable. Use bullet points and pictures while also focusing little on design.


2) Avoid Pop-ups

This should be automatic. There are many reasons why people block ads.  As a user, you hate them. Even a good website with valid intentions such as preventing people from using ad-blockers are also driving customers away from the site. Pop-up ads are annoying. It’s simple. It doesn’t matter what they are for, people don’t want to see them and will avoid your page if it even has just one.


3) The Right Call to Action

So many pages end with a phrase similar to “so if you like what you saw, then buy this now.” That is so boring. Your CTA is the moment where you actually have the opportunity to convert so tailor it to your site. For example, if you are selling travel packages then it needs to be something like “start your next vacation today.” A little creativity goes a very long way. Use some interesting web copy tips to make your site stand out.



4) Improve Your Brand Story

It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, there is a story behind your company and likely it is an interesting one. Whether you are a first generation immigrant to this country or accidentally tripped over a pair of shoes and fell in love with a certain design, it doesn’t matter. Customers aren’t really just buying your product, they are buying the narrative. Have some interesting about page ideas? Add it to your website and tell your story! Starting a business is a very interesting process and lets your audience hear a small part of it!

5) Attract the Right Audience

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Of course, it would be great if millions of people of all types used your good or service, but that’s not how things work. You need to target your customers specifically. This means looking at your analytics. Who is visiting your site? What time of day? Do you have any demographic or location information? Also, this can help you not only target your market but also better tailor your product to suit the needs of the customers you want to attract.


Take the Time and Do it Right

Reducing the pesky bounce rate is no easy task. It takes patience, analysis, and time. But if you do your homework and you will watch those numbers go down, the average session time on your site increase, and best of all, your conversion rates jump. So be sure to follow this great bounce rate formula and you’ll be on your way to online success!