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The Essential Elements of Modern Web Design

Web design is constantly evolving: what was once limited by hard-coded, static HTML has now grown into a dynamic entity that literally drives businesses today. Web design trends continue to go in and out of vogue; with some trends slowly edging their way out (we’re looking at you parallax scrolling), while some older trends are […]

Can Your Hosting Affect Your Online Success?

Picture this. You have worked long and hard at designing and developing a website for your business, taking each careful step to ensure a bug-free, user-friendly experience on your website. But, after a successful launch and a few good days, you start receiving complaints from customers about being unable to access the website or being […]

How to Write a Killer Product Page

“How do I create a product page that will entice my customer into buying from me?” As pivotal a question as this is to a business’ online presence, the answers to it are as diverse as the businesses that ask this question. However, regardless of what your business is, it comes down to describing your […]