5 Alarming Web Design Statistics for Business

The internet has revolutionized the way businesses attract customers. In the old days, to reach a large audience you needed a large amount to produce and air a television commercial, run an ad in a major newspaper or buy billboard space. Now you can reach a much larger and more targeted audience for a lot less. But it’s not just enough to have a website. Design plays an essential role in not just how people perceive your business, but even with how easily they can find it. Check out some of these incredible web design for business stats.


1) Mobile Design is the Way to Go

Between 2016-2018, the percentage of total web traffic served to mobile phones jumped from 43% to 52%. But that number doesn’t even tell the full story. If you remove enterprise computer usage, you can see the clear domination of mobile content. From streaming videos to ordering products to find a local business, it’s clear that for web design ideas, mobile is the way to go so your site needs to be optimized accordingly.


2) People Judge a Business Based on Website Design

Nearly 95% of people judge a website and thus a business based on web design. Clunky, badly edited sites see much lower conversion rates and session times. It doesn’t even matter if you are law practice that’s been operating for over one hundred with the best team in the world. If your website is a tangle of blocky texts and bad images, very few people are likely to contact you. So it’s essential you routinely update your website design.


3) Page Load Speed is Critical

We all know this. In these days of blisteringly fast Wi-Fi or LTE services, who wants to wait around for a page to load? If your page loads slowly, people will simply move on to one of your competitors. Google actually runs automatic speed tests of your website and this place a crucial factor in where your rank on its findings.

In web design for business, this becomes a tricky balance where you need large content like high-resolution images and videos that quickly which is why is essential to have a professional optimize the page accordingly.




4) It’s All About Freshness

Think of Google and other search engines like a compilation of your entire audience. When determining page rankings, Google prioritizes sites with fresh content because this is the same thing that people want. In fact, websites the produce at least one blog per week have more than 30% more traffic than those with less than one per month. They also have a larger reach over targeted keywords that are essential to their business.


5) Mobile E-Commerce is the Way to Go

In 2017, Mobile E-commerce sales represented roughly 35% of the market. By the end of 2019, they will reach over 50% and that number is only slated to grow higher as smartphones increasingly replace desktops. If you are a retailer, a streamlined mobile-based e-commerce platform and payment system are vital.

People need to quickly and easily be able to choose an item and checkout in no time. Even if your company provides services, customers should be able to do everything from book appointments to even pay for services through your platform.


Getting the Best Web Design For Business

Every business is different so there isn’t one magic formula that will fit for all businesses. Each site needs to be designed to reflect not only its personal skills but what makes it stand out from competitors. And that’s where a good web design agency comes in. They can create the perfect experience that will drive traffic and increase your customer base to help push your business to the next level. Contact our team today to see how we can help you with everything from SEO to targeted search terms to create the best online platform for your company’s future.