3 Elements of a Strong Brand Identity

By: Chad Bell
When people hear the term “brand identity”, they usually think of a logo or a slogan. But exactly what goes into creating these identifiers and what makes one brand more recognizable than the others? As the Internet inevitably becomes inundated with your competition, it will be increasingly important to properly define the unique personality of your business.

Not unlike the factors necessary to establish the overarching goals and viability of your business, the 3 major variables to consider when identifying your brand are company vision, consumer needs, and competitive environment. To effectively communicate the identity of your brand, ask yourself these questions:

Company Vision

What does your company strive to accomplish?

What are the practical features associated with your services?

What are the positive attributes of your brand?



Consumer Needs

Who is your target audience?

What drives their purchase decisions?

How can you connect emotionally with your audience?



Competitive Environment

What makes your brand different and better than others?

Who are my competitors targeting?

How is your brand positioned against the competition?

It’s easy to think of your brand as simply a reflection of the people behind it and the services it provides. But you don’t operate in a vacuum, and neither should your business. Company vision, consumer needs, and competitive environment should all be considered to establish and consistently communicate a strong brand identity.